Tom Marcus

MI5 Surveillance Officer

'The Most Protected Author in History' 

I Spy

My Life In MI5

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I Spy plunges the reader straight into the action as Tom and his team race to prevent terrorists from causing carnage on our streets and outsmart Russian agents, blocking a daring plot that threatens the security of the nation.


Relying on their quick wits, training and courage, the extraordinary men and women of MI5 are under intense pressure every day.


Not everyone is suited for the work, and Tom shows how the incredibly tough challenges he faced growing up gave him the mental strength and skills to survive in a dangerous world.

Soldier Spy Tom Marcus
Tom Marcus Capture or Kill Book

Capture or Kill

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The first MI5 fiction series following Matt Logan. 


Frustrated by always needing to obey the rules, Logan yearns for a way to break through the red tape that hinders their progress. His wishes seem to come true when he is offered the chance to join a new, deniable outfit known as ‘Blindeye’.

A Brutally immersive read. 

Soldier Spy 

Out Now.

Times Number 1 Best Seller. 

​Soldier Spy is the first true story told by a ground level front line MI5 officer. A shocking, honest account revealing never-before-seen detail into MI5's fight on our streets. 'I do it because it is all I know. I'm a hunter of people and I'm damn good at it.'

Kudos to produce a returnable drama inspired by the content of Soldier Spy.

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Tom Marcus
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Award Nominee 

Capture or Kill shortlisted by WH Smith as part of the Thumping Good Reads award. 

You can vote for Capture or Kill here on the WH Smith website

WH Smith are also selling the book at a special discounted rate. 

Soldier Spy

Award Nominee

The inaugural Airey Neave Book Prize.


Soldier Spy has been shortlisted for the award to the most significant, original, relevant, and practically valuable contribution to the understanding of terrorism. 

The award will be presented to the winner by Lord Evans of Weardale KCB DL (Jonathan Evans, former Director-General of the British Security Service)

Shortlisted alongside three other books, Soldier Spy is being judged by; 

  • Sir David Omand GCB – the first UK Security and Intelligence Coordinator

  • Professor Michael Clarke – Director General of the Royal United Services Institute

  • Sir David Veness CBE QPM – former Under-Secretary General of the UN Department

  • Brigadier Ed Butler CBE DSO - Global counter terrorist operations, including command of 22 SAS

  • Michael Bottenheim – Master of Law, Leiden University, MBA, Michigan State University

In all my years as a literary agent, I don't think I've ever seen this level of TV and Film interest in an author. Positioning Tom Marcus as the most exciting debut author in this genre. 

Luigi Bonomi - Literary Agent


MI5 Surveillance Officer.



Tom Marcus

Tom Marcus grew up on the streets in Northern England.


Learning to survive in the shadows gave him a unique perspective.

Desperate to belong to a family he never had, Tom joined the Army at just 16 years old which set him on a path working in Counter-Terrorism ultimately being recruited by MI5.

Tom is proud of the work he did with his surveillance team and ensures all the work produced by him (Book, TV or Film) is passed to his former employers at the Security Service and DSF for security clearance checks first. 

Whilst Tom is extremely busy working on various exciting projects, he can't release any details until the necessary 

permissions have been granted. 

Tom is bound by life to Section 1 of the Official Secrets Act, an obligation he takes extremely seriously and will never break. 

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